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Posted Thursday 1st March 2018

To hot desk or not to hot desk… that is the question. And for some, the answer may not be as easy as opting for the ever-popular hot desking solution. It is the cheapest option around, opening the way to enjoying office space in key locations in London and beyond, but does it suit your needs?

Sometimes, a dedicated desk may make more sense for you. We’ve highlighted some of the reasons why this could be the better alternative.

Is your business completely virtual?

If not, you’ve got the challenge of carrying stuff to and from work each day if you go for a hot desk. Aside from your laptop, there could be all kinds of other items you need each day that you couldn’t leave at work if you took a hot desk instead of a dedicated one.

Do you like familiarity?

Many people do. Dedicated desks are still situated within a large office space, with all the advantages that brings. But you do still get a space to call your own – somewhere with a filing cabinet and the familiarity you appreciate.

Are you going to need that desk every working day?

Hot desks are often more practical for those who only need some office space once or twice a week, or even just occasionally during the average month. If you know you will be going to your chosen office space Monday to Friday, every week, every month of the year, a dedicated desk does make a lot more sense. You might also want to leave your laptop locked away there, if you don’t need to take it home each day.

You’ll get a feeling of ownership

Some people feel out of place in a large office building where lots of businesses come together to work in the same space. Hiring a dedicated desk allows you to dip your toes into those waters, while still giving you the feeling that you ‘own’ the space you work in. There is no need to worry about which desk to grab each day, because you will know exactly which space is yours.

You may by now realise whether a dedicated desk would be more sensible for you than the hot desking alternative. For many, it provides the best of both worlds, enabling them to meet many of their fellow workers too.

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