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Posted Thursday 15th February 2018

There are lots of ways we can improve our health. Many of the ways we can resort to are far easier to put into practice than others. You may not think you have much control over your working environment, but you’d be surprised. For example, a clean workstation is a healthy workstation, so make sure you start as you mean to go on each day.

This leads to the question of eating at your desk. It may seem like a good idea – a multitasking, time-saving idea – it could backfire. It is one sure way to drop crumbs into your keyboard and to get sticky fingers over the keys. Unless you clean up afterwards (and how many of us do that?), this is one sure way to visit germ city.

Choose your location wisely

If you have a chance to choose where you work, go for an office with plenty of open spaces and lots of natural light. It is surprising how much difference this makes to your health and wellbeing. Surveys often reveal employees feel happier and remain healthier in workplaces like this.

Take breaks as often as possible

Wouldn’t we all love to take long breaks frequently throughout the day? While that may not be possible, we can take short breaks, even if only to get up and walk around for a minute or two. Long periods of sitting are not good for our health, so if we make a conscious effort to stand up and move around a lot, we will be grateful for it in the long term.

Pack a healthy lunch

One sure way to eat more than you should – and to lighten your wallet – is to visit nearby delis, cafes, or restaurants for your lunch each day. It does get you out of the office into the fresh air, but it also means you end up spending more and eating more. If you pack a healthy lunch to take to work each day, you can leave your desk and find somewhere nice to eat it. Communal spaces, even outdoor spaces on the premises – these areas are ideal to visit to meet fellow co-workers and to make new connections as well.

There are plenty more ways to stay healthy while you are working. It all begins with choosing the ideal workspace to make this easier. How will you take steps to be healthy while you’re at work?

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