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Posted Thursday 15th February 2018

How much personality does your workplace have? Do you work somewhere with modern art on the walls, bright spaces that allow light to flood in, and common areas with real character?

Perhaps you think this simply isn’t possible to achieve in a working environment. Unless, of course, you own the business and have a real say in how the workplace looks. However, modern workplaces are changing – and for the better. A working environment with personality is a great place to be, and – dare we say it – could be somewhere you enjoy going to each day. Imagine that – working somewhere you enjoy being in, rather than dreading the journey to work.

Workplaces with personality bring out the best in workers, too. Research indicates working environments that use design to provide a more positive space lead to healthier and happier workers. Plenty of glass, lots of light, and numerous open spaces all contribute to a working environment that looks good and feels good to be in. This holds true even when the workspace also provides private offices. Oftentimes, glass walls are used to divide the private office space from the rest of the floor. This means there are barriers if needed, but very different ones from what you’d expect in an environment like this.

Other elements, such as comfortable shared relaxation spaces, coloured walls, and artwork can all contribute to that overall feeling of wellbeing. If you think all modern offices must be grey, staid, and dull, think again. Maybe you have just been working in the wrong place.

The healthier and happier people are while at work, the more positive the outcome. That makes sense, of course, but choosing the right office space to work in could have far more impact than you might think. There is no need to work somewhere dull and uninspiring nowadays. With plenty of modern, engaging, and innovative workplaces around, you need only choose one in an area that makes the most sense to you. With shared spaces, better connections with co-workers, and an environment that feels great to work in, you might be surprised at the effect it has on your productivity. Those who get the chance to try something different rarely want to go back.

The thought of looking forward to going to work each day might seem odd now, but change your environment and you might get a pleasant surprise.

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