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Posted Monday 15th January 2018

If you were to rent your own office space in London, what could you afford? Where would it be? How big would it be? Many fledgling businesses would need to look beyond the city to find somewhere on the outskirts that offered affordable work accommodation.

Focus on serviced office space though, and you’ve got a very different proposition. This is an affordable, accessible, and practical alternative. It’s also far easier to find serviced offices throughout the city than it is to find something that would fit your own criteria. Shared office spaces have become very popular in recent times, and continue to expand today.

Selecting the right spot

One of the key advantages of choosing this solution is that you have far more work addresses to choose from. There is a lot to be said for having a prestigious work address – or at least something that doesn’t sound as if it is tucked away in the back of beyond. We’re often told image is everything, and it certainly applies in the world of business.

Every city in the world is known to have districts that appeal to specific business types. There’s a financial district, for example, and one that attracts entrepreneurs. Other areas tend to attract like-minded people too. Choose an area that is associated with your own type of business, and it will help you present the best image to your would-be customers and clients.

High-quality office space in key locations means high-quality services too

If you try to rent a dedicated office building or venue on your own, chances are your budget will not stretch to the type of facilities you would get if you rented desk space or an office in a serviced office building. There is also the ability to mingle with – and make connections with – other like-minded businesses. You wouldn’t be able to do that if you were in a building on your own.

While you may strike out alone in the future, the early days can greatly influence the way you move ahead. Budgets are always important, but if you invest in serviced office space rather than your own space, your money will go a lot further to start with. That could prove essential at the time you need it most. If you dream of having a prestigious work address, you could be closer to making it a reality than you think.

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